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December 2012

We blog about articles on the Data Science Team at the Obama Campaign and Startup Accelerators in Chicago.

Accelerator Articles in Crains - Detail

Obama for America - Detail

October 2012

We blog about articles on Nokia Location (formerly NAVTEQ), Redbox, Sportvision and Nanotechnology at Northwestern University.

The Forgotten Mapmaker - Blog Posting

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Chad Mirkin - Crains Chicago

Sportvision - Built in Chicago Blog Posting

Redbox - Built in Chicago Blog Posting

September 2012

We blog about a great profile of Threadless’ Chicago office space (and our blog gets promoted by BuiltInChicago’s team), the New York Times’ story about the Merchandise Mart as Chicago’s newest tech hub  (and our blog gets promoted again by BuiltInChicago’s team), Discover Card’s new partnership with Paypal, Chicago’s high frequency trading technologies and one important author’s take on the future of Chicago’s knowledge economy.

Rise of the Creative Class in Crains


June 2012

Randy Horton facilitates a panel on the rise of the data scientist in Chicago at Techweek 2012.


April 2012

Randy Horton is asked to serve as a mentor to startups in the 2012 Chicago Lean Startup Challenge.


March 2012

Chicago Health 2.0 notes our focus on healthcare product management.

February 2012

Together with Informatica and LasalleTech, we host a roundtable dinner event on high-speed transactions.

February 6, 2012 from 5:30-8:30PM at Pazzo's at 311 S. Wacker Drive. Setting Your Data for Light Speed: Lessons Learned about Messaging in the Pursuit of Ultra-High Frequency, Zero Latency Transactions Chicago’s trading firms have blazed awesome trails in the intense pursuit of ultra-high frequency transactions with near-zero latency. And while few other businesses measure success in terms of nano-seconds, these trading firms have learned important lessons about messaging that are applicable to other organizations with extremely high-performance computing requirements. Join us for an evening of great food and drinks, networking and learning as we bring together leaders from Chicago’s trading technology community with leaders from other high-performance computing organizations in Chicago. Bring your best brainware, learn about the latest thinking on best practices and be prepared to leave with more than you came with. This is a complimentary, invitation-only event hosted by Randy Horton (94 Westbound Consulting), Bob Breisch (Informatica) and Andy Faibishenko (LasalleTech).

Vote for our proposed panel for Techweek 2012.  The topic is the Data Scientist in Chicago:Would you like a side of Data Insights with your Italian Beef sandwich? The Rise of the Data Scientist in Chicago Session Organizer: Randy Horton - 94 Westbound Consulting Track: Data & Analytics Session Description: Over the last several years, the emergence of Big Data tools and datasets has spawned the new job title of Data Scientist. Data Scientists have already had a tremendous impact on almost every field of business and society. Just check out the recent movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. Join us for a panel discussion with a group of Chicago pioneers in this exciting field. Take home new ideas from innovators working in startups, academia, software product firms and major Chicago corporations. Well talk about where we are now, where we think all of this is headed, and what the impact will be both here in Chicago and globally. Session Type: Panel Potential Speakers: Moderator: Randy Horton, Managing Principal, 94 Westbound Consulting Panelists: * Justin Massa, CEO, FoodGenius (confirmed) * Diego Klabjan, Director of Program for Master of Science in Analytics, Northwestern University and Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences (confirmed) * Dhiraj Rajaram, CEO, Mu Sigma (confirmed)

January 2012

We wonder if this meme will go viral.  😉

Randy Horton speaks about “How to Develop and Nurture Your Professional Network” at High Tea for i.c. stars.

We blog about the amazing variety of networking events in Chicago and Walgreen’s new concept store launch in the Loop.