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December 2013

Randy Horton presents on “Imaging 3.0” to the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) Roundtable in Chicago on behalf of the American College of Radiology (ACR).

LinkedIn post on Chicago CMIO speaking event on Imaging 3.0 - Edited


We blog about the 20th anniversary of the very first New York Times article about the Mosaic browser, and it ends up getting a fair amount of play.

This week is the 20th anniversary of the first New York Times story about the Mosiac Web Browser   Built In Chicago

Lou Rosenfeld Tweet - December 9 2013 - Edited

Dan Creinin - Linkedin Post - #2 - Edited

Chicago Startups   Built In Chicago - Edited

Chicago Startups   Built In Chicago - Randy Horton profile - Edited Page


We blog about GrubHub, the Tribune company, Cobra Electronics and the first patent troll.

December 2013 blog posts

November 2013

We blog about about Chicago firms building State Health Insurance Exchanges, a dodgeball tournament, the end of the high-tech sales commission, the Top 20 Chicago Innovations that changed the world and firms disrupting the trucking business.

November 2013 Blogs

October 2013

We blog about interesting developments and resources in the Chicago startup scene.

October 2013 blog posts

September 2013

Randy Horton is a featured panelist/entrepreneur on Cook County’s webcast show Changing the Code.

Watch the Premiere of “Changing the Code  Technology   Data in Cook County” September 27th at 11 00 am - Edited

We blog about a Chicago hackerspace for kids.

Level UP space website posting


June 2013

We blog about the Illinois Math and Science Academy and a new Patent Exchange based in town.

Hogwarts for Hackers website posting

Patent Exchange website posting


May 2013

We blog about Chicago’s business culture.

Not Invented Here website posting


April 2013

We blog about new biotech startup spaces in Chicago.

Biotech Startup Spaces website posting

Insight Accelerator Labs website posting


March 2013

Together with the Chicago chapter of the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA), we present a first-of-its-kind event in Chicago on Data Product Management.

Here are photos from the evening and here are the PPT slides and the original invite:

Monetizing Big Data Panel: An Evening with Eight of Chicago '5 Data Product Management Leaders Chicago is home to a number of prominent businesses that sell data as products such as Nielsen and IR! (retail consumer)_ Momingstar(flnancial markets)_ Rand McNally and Nokia Location (Geo-mapping). and Truven (healthcarel In recent years. these stalwarts ofthe ‘Big-Data' industry have been joined by a growing number of exciting data startups such as Food Genius (restaurant menus). Blue Health Intelligence (healthcare insurance claims) and CityScan (3D city models) And these days, it seems that everyone is considering how to extract revenues from collected data from existing business units or processes With no foreseeable end to the rapid growth of connected computing and the progression of bigdata analytics we are only at the very beginning of a long‘term trend of making real money from manufacturing. aggregating and productizing data. What can we learn from the leading organizations? Can the startups "wag the dog" in this market with their ability to be responsive to market trends/customer demands? What can existing big'data organizations learn to do better to enhance the customervalue proposition or to create a competitive advantage? Do companies need to be more concerned with creating platforms of products‘ orjust targeted solutions? What if we could take the experience. resources and data ofthe big companies and match it with the nimbleness and innovation possible in a small startup'? This event will have value for: product managers. strategists and technologists from both startups and established companies interested in developing revenuegenerating data products Questions we’ll cover will include: What is a big data product and how does it differ from more ‘traditional' digital and physical pmducts? How do you design and develop new data products? How can you monetize existing data that‘s a by~product of another product or service? What's involved in data manufacturing? How do you assess the quality and value ofa data product to support a business model? How do you price data? When you are in the business of monetizing data, how do you explain what you do at a cocktail party? In this hyper-competitive business environmentv who has time or money to travel to some exotic resort and attend a week-long conference? The solution -- Join us as eight Chicago experts representing the breadth of Chicago’s data industry cram eight ‘flash»presentations" into an evening. followed by an informative panel discussion and engaging networking It Will Be a Fast, Fun, and Informative Ride Through the Life-cycle of Big Data Product Management Our PanelistlSpeal-cers 0 Justin Massa -- Founder & CEO, Food Genius 0 Kamal Tahir -- Senior Manager for Product Management and Marketing, Experian - Eloise Parker Assistant Director. Public Health Research, Nat'l Opinion Research Center, Uni. of Chicago 0 Mark Slusar -- Quantitative Research 8- Analytics Fellow, Allstate Insurance 0 Jackie Beaubaire Ast. Director. Licensing 8. Governance, Truven Health Analytics [Frmly Thomson Reuters & Solucient) 0 Mike Jakob -- President and COO. Sportvision 0 Phil Davis -- CEO, Rapleaf 0 Ken Treske -- Former C00 and CMO, Dolomi (sold to ValueClick in 2012) 0 Randy Honon -- Founder. 94 Westbound Consulting (panel moderator) Agenda (March 19, 2013): 4:30 pm Registration, Networking, Drinks and Food 5:00 Program begins - Welcome and Introductions - Flash Presentation 1 What's a big data product and how does it differ from “traditional” digital and physical products? (Overview) Flash Presentation 2 Designing a data product to fit a real need? (Identifying needsv segmenting. knowing customer requirements) Flash Presentation 3 Getting your data, Pan 1: How to source existing databases? Flash Presentation 4 Getting your data, Part 2: How to manufacture new data? (Gathering housing. analytics. structuring) - Flash Presentation 5 Legal and ethical constraints of data products: regulatory compliance, privacy and corporate trade secrets Flash Presentation 6 Packaging your data and pricing it Flash Presentation 7 Successfully Marketing and Selling Your Data Flash Presentation 8 Winning elements of a big data product team 7:00 - 7:20 Break 0 Moderated panel discussion with audience participation 8:30 - 9.00 f-letworking. Drinks and Food Registration: Early—Bird! Pre-Registration/ Door registration by March 10th! 151h/ 19th (Includes heavy appetizers. soft drinks and water. free drink ticket and cash bar) PDMA Members - $25! $30! $35 Non-Members - $35! $410)f $45 Discount Codes: Student - 50% non-member rate only Unemployed - 60% member or non-member rate Faculty -- $10 member or nonsmember rate Affiliate Membership organizations. use discount codes provided Northwestern Students please use NWNstudent Seats are limited to 120 attendees register eariy- don‘t was this event! Location: Pazzo's at 311

We blog about software innovation coming from UIUC, Kickstarter funding for Chicago projects and the City of Chicago’s ground-breaking sharing of data on GitHub.

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January 2013

We blog about Chicago’s startup infrastructure and investment scene.

Mayor Emanuel Thinking About Creating another 1871 - Crains

Midwest Startups Rake in 1B Dollars in 2012 - Medcity News