94 Westbound Consulting

It’s 2019 and you see it and feel it.  Things keep moving faster and faster.

Maybe your traditional competition is putting pressure on you in terms of innovation, cost and quality.  Maybe you are facing new competition that came out of left field to challenge the fundamental relevance of your value proposition.  Maybe you are that new competition trying to disrupt an established industry.

You know huge opportunities are out there waiting to be tapped.  Technology in the hands of bright and energetic people allows us to rapidly create and launch new initiatives.

And for the first time, technology is no longer the hardest part of launching a product.  In fact, with everything that’s off-the-shelf and in the cloud, the actual technology may be one of the easier parts of the puzzle to solve.

The real challenge is to make it happen between your internal organization, business partners and customers.  To communicate clearly, early and often. To make countless decisions, small and large, with imperfect information.  To do all of the things that add up to success.

And for that, you need people who can traverse between the forest and the trees.  People who work at the intersection of business strategy, new product development, change management, business integration, business development and technology.  You need a very rare class of people who roll up their sleeves and pull off  ambitious and complicated initiatives.  People who turn the potential for innovation into real value and profits.

Welcome to 94 Westbound Consulting.  Partner with us to deliver your most important products.  Feel like your business is cruising at 100 miles/hour and getting 100 miles/gallon.