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Which of the people you work with resemble which character on The Simpsons?

Why invest your time in this exercise?

It’s really fun.


Enjoy the Music of New Orleans and southern Louisiana


WWOZ 90.7 FM is the radio station for the music of New Orleans and southern Louisiana.  It is a community radio station currently run by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Foundation.


Louisiana Music Factory

The Louisiana Music Factory is a landmark music store and record label based in New Orleans’ French Quarter.


Nine Lives - Book Cover Nine Lives - CD Cover

Nines Lives is a multivoiced biography of a dazzling, surreal, and imperiled city, told through the lives of nine unforgettable characters and bracketed by two epic storms: Hurricane Betsy, which transformed New Orleans in the 1960s, and Hurricane Katrina, which nearly destroyed it. Dan Baum brings this kaleidoscopic portrait to life, showing us what was lost in the storm and what remains to be saved.  After you read the book, you can listen to the musical adaptation.

Why invest your time listening to this music?

New Orleans is one of the most unique stories in the United States.  And the makes for great background acoustics while you are working.



Why invest your time in this comic strip?

Besides being a lot of fun, Doonesbury is an insightful look into American society.  In recent decades, it has delved into our love/hate relationship with technology.