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Achieving Success Through Social Capital - Book Cover

Achieving Success Through Social Capital presents a step-by-step program for tapping the hidden resources in your business, professional, and personal networks: your social capital. Professor Wayne Baker, an expert on building connections shows how building rich social capital produces higher pay, faster promotions, better jobs, breakthrough ideas, new business opportunities, and profitable companies.  Learn how to develop your own social capital and use it to attain your personal and professional goals and, in the process, enhance your own health and emotional well-being.


Five LinkedIn Strategies You Haven’t Thought Of Before.   This Forbes blog post discusses some interesting ways to get value from the 800 pound gorilla in social networks for business.


Why invest your time in this book and article, and in your professional network?

Your professional network is as important to your career success as your education, skills and experience.  This book can guide you on how to create a professional network that is a formidable asset.