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Why Service Design is as important as Product Design

“Some 70% of economic activity in Western economies is in services—from babysitting to banking. Computer and telecommunications technologies have enabled the development of complex service systems that combine personal contact, physical artifacts, websites, and large software systems. Designing these well contributes to the well-being of citizens and to increased competitiveness and efficiency for the companies or public entities that provide them.” — Gillian Crampton Smith, Professor, Iuav University of Venice


Service Design: From Insight to Implementation


By Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie & Ben Reason.  Published by Rosenfeld Media in March 2013.

“This book, written by innovative pioneers in the field and based on their extensive experience, is an excellent description of a methodology for managing the complexity of the design of modern services to satisfy the needs of both consumers and providers.” — Gillian Crampton Smith, Professor, Iuav University of Venice


Continuum Redesigns Audi’s Car Dealership Experience.  Appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek in February 2013.

Why invest your time in this article?

There is a growing understanding that “the design of gadgets such as cell phones is less important than the services that come with them, whether it’s going to the store for tech support or sorting through billing snafus online.”