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Several perspectives on the shortage of highly-skilled talent in Chicago and nationwide.

Reinventing Recruiting.  Companies like Google and Facebook are downplaying résumés and identifying talent in unusual ways.  An excerpt from George Anders’s book The Rare Find.
Local companies offer incentives to attract technology talent in the Chicago Sun-Times in June 2011, profiling the Lante alumni who started kCura and Norvax.
For Buyers of Web Start-Ups, Quest to Corral Young Talent in The New York Times in May 2011.  “Sam Lessin sold his Web start-up to Facebook for millions last year, and Facebook promptly shut it down.  All Facebook wanted was Mr. Lessin.”
The 6 Hottest New Jobs in IT in InfoWorld in June 2011.
Can Retraining Give the Unemployed a Second Chance? Americans looking for employment often lack the skills they need. Retraining works. Sometimes.  Published in Businessweek in September 2011.
Best Practices for Recruiting and Integrating Junior Talent.  Published by Geneca in April 2011.

Why invest your time in these articles?

It’s an unfortunate irony of The Great Recession that countless highly-skilled, growth-related jobs go unfilled because our country lacks the needed workforce.  These articles give a variety of perspectives on today’s highly-skilled labor market.