94 Westbound Consulting

Product Strategy.  Product Development.

94 Westbound Consulting can help you conceive, construct and launch innovative new products and then steer those products through the marketplace.  From assessing market needs and the competitive landscape to defining product requirements and a launch plan, 94 Westbound Consulting can work with your business, your partners and your customers to create great products that win customers and turn heads.

While we work in a number of industries, our staff has particularly strong expertise in healthcare and data products.

In addition, we have deep experience working with established companies with long histories of developing proprietary technology to automate their “special sauce.”  These companies are often concerned that their technologies and business models may be entering lifecycle decline due to the incredible rate of technology and business change.  We work with them on the major bets they are placing to enable their organizations to continue to thrive and be relevant to the market five and ten years out.

Product Execution.

 Business Development & Networking

To launch complex new products and services, you’ll need to develop and nurture a vibrant ecosystem of customers, partners and fans in the marketplace.  But your ecosystem can’t just be built or bought overnight.  It takes careful planning, thoughtful and enthusiastic networking and a long term commitment to nurturing strong relationships.

We can help you identify the relationships that you’ll need, target the people and organizations you need to pull into your orbit and then build and manage those connections into sustained profitability.

Program Leadership for Business & Technology Initiatives

Your product development initiative has a lot of moving parts that can span different parts of your internal organization, not to mention your customers’ and clients’ organizations.  It can involve nuanced data flowing through different processes and systems.  You have budget for the project, but need people who have the experience, soft skills and analytic skills to keep it all from going off the rails.  We’ll provide you with program leadership that affords you the flexibility you need to stay nimble and ahead of your market.